Sensor - DPS

The DPS contain only a few active devices, such as a piezo-reflective poly-silicon thin-film measuring cell, a signal processing ASIC and a U / I or U / U converter.

The calibration takes place electronically, which means that the pressure transducers have a small overall error and are long-term stable. The hermetically sealed and completely vacuum-tight stainless steel thin-film measuring cell ensures high long-term durability and stability. The ASIC is a programmable precision CMOS ASIC with EEPROM data storage and analogue signal path, which is qualified for an extended working temperature range.


  •      Pressure: Relative pressure and absolute pressure possible
  •      Pressure transmitter with high overload safety
  •      Sealing-free in the area of the medium
  •      Fully welded stainless steel thin film sensor
  •      No transfer liquid (dry measuring cell)
  •      Robust against shock, pulsation and vibration (shock> 1000g, vibration> 20g)
  •      Very high pressure resistance with dynamic load changes
  •      Very good reproducibility and long-term stability
  •      Very large temperature range
  •      Flexible design of the process and electrical connection variants by modular system


Technical Data

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