Sensor - DPD

The compensation and adjustment is done electronically. As a result, the pressure transmitters have a very low overall error. With modern precision electronics, the measurement data can be recorded and output very precisely. The user can also parameterize the pressure transmitters by means of an optional handheld or PC tool. These can be used to set the measuring range reduction, physical unit, measured value conversion and zero point, or to read out sensor data from the device. By means of a magnet the adjustment of the zero point can be carried out simply and safely at any time.

  •     Pressure: Relative pressure and absolute pressure possible
  •     Zero point correction by external magnets
  •     Can be parameterized via the optional PC tool (turndown 1: 4)
  •     Pressure transmitter with high overload safety
  •     Sealing-free in the area of ??the medium
  •     No transfer liquid (dry measuring cell)
  •     Very good non-linearity, reproducibility and long-term stability
  •     Flexible design of the process and electrical connection variants by modular system


Technical Data


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